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Parents please note that you will be asked read, sign, and abide by these rules and regulations.

We accept dancers of ages 5 and older of all levels and will work with each dancer and family to achieve any and all goals!

All American Gymnastic & Dance Academy Competition Handbook

What is our competition and this team all about?

Competition is a great way for children to learn! At All American and on this dance team, we strive to assure that each child will learn what competition truly means. Which is to promote dance as a positive and constructive learning experience, not solely for the purpose of winning, but rather to stimulate both personal growth and team building skills to perform the best they can and to use their talents to the best of their abilities. 

Teams & Levels

Red Team – A level for our mini dancers. Dancers auditioning for this level must be no younger than 5 years old and no older than 8 years. (This team can compete in Jazz, Tap, and Lyrical) 

Blue Team – A level for dancers who have a few years of performance experience. Dancers within this team may be between the ages of  7 to 12 years old depending on assessment on the day of their audition. (This team can compete in Jazz, Tap, Lyrical/Contemporary, Hip-Hop, and Acro)

Stars Team – A Level for dancers who have over several years of both performance experience or natural refined dance technique. These dancers will compete at a higher caliber and level. Ages for this team may vary between 11 and 19 years old depending on the assessment of a dancer’s audition. (This team can compete in styles such as Jazz, Tap, Contemporary/Lyrical, Hip-Hop, and Acro.)

Stripes Team – A level for beginner dancers looking to gain competition experience. Ages within this team could be of a wide variety. (This team will have 1 competitive dance in the open style, may mix jazz and lyrical elements.) 

Class & Other Requirements for teams

Red Team –  Technique based class and Production (Specific class recommendations will be sent out after auditions or an assessment of the dancer.)   

Blue Team – Technique based class and Production (Specific class recommendations will be sent out after auditions or an assessment of the dancer.)   

Stars Team –  Technique based class, Production and a fitness class (Specific class recommendations will be sent out after auditions or an assessment of the dancer.)   

Stripes Team – A Technique based class, Production, and then the scheduled Stripes Competition Class

Technique Classes – Any ballet or TJL (Turn, Jump, Leap) class

Fitness – Strength & Conditioning, Zumba, Open Stretch, Yoga, Taekwondo

All dancers who have been picked for a competition team are eligible for solos, duets, and trios. All dancers MUST be in a team class in order to do a solos, duet, or trio.

All dancers are highly encouraged to do at least 1 regional or in studio convention. Conventions are classes taught by master dance instructors, dancers can learn A LOT from other skilled instructors and are a great learning experience for them.

Class Payments & Fees 

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND joining a competitive team comes with great financial responsibility. All members of our competition team must pay a registration fee of $45 each and for families $60, this fee covers your registration for competitive classes and recreational classes (if you choose to take additional recreational classes) this fee also covers props and supplies for dances.

 Members of the Stars Team must pay the unlimited class fee of $155 due to class requirements.

Payments are due the first week of every month and will be considered late by the following week. For each week missed a $5 late fee will be charged to your account. All payments are final and non-refundable. 

Competition Fees & Info

Competition fees will vary by each event, you will be sent the fees several months in advance to prepare for payments. 

All Costume fees for competition are due the first week of October, 2020.

All dancers MUST compete in our 2 mandatory regional competitions and 1 Nationals. Both regionals will be local (1 hour or less) and we are trying to keep our Nationals somewhat local (No longer then a 2 hour drive time to the event).

All competition fees MUST be paid NO LATER than 1 month prior to the date of the competition 

All Dance Team members MUST purchase a team jacket to be worn the weekend of competition and at awards.

All dancers and parents are EXPECTED to be on their best behavior at competition. Good sportsmanship is KEY! Please be kind and respectful in the auditorium, dressing rooms, and outside of the event. Clap, cheer, or stand for others as they get awards even if they are not from our studio. Always keep in mind to treat others how you want to be treated. Failure to comply with good sportsmanship may result in loss of solo, duet, or trio, not being reinvited onto the competition team, or removal from the team.

Awards Ceremonies at competition are usually held multiple times a day and are the MOST FUN time of the weekend! Students are required to wear their team jackets on stage for all award ceremonies that they attend. They are required to attend all award ceremonies for the teams that they are on but students often like to go on stage for others. We ask that all dancers stay to support one another. We win or lose as a team, we support each other as a team.

All group trophies are to be given to Mr. Blake at competition or brought back to the studio the following dance week.


Attendance is mandatory for all dance classes. The studio tries its best to be flexible and accommodating with conflicts due to school and/or important family activities. However, by becoming a member of a team, you have agreed that this is a priority in your schedule.

Missed classes for any reason other than illness must be approved in advance. Student absences will be recorded. If more than 3 unexcused absences have occurred, it is possible the dancer may not be able to compete in the competition OR they may be required to take some private lessons at a cost to catch up. Any time an absence occurs, students are responsible to learn what was missed before the next class, either with a private lesson or from a friend. Students must arrive on time for class. Missing the first part of class causes the students to miss stretches and warm up which can lead to injuries.  

More than 3 tardies may result in additional classes assigned by the competition teachers to make up for the lost time. Frequent tardiness and absences may result in students not being eligible to compete their solos, duets or trios.

 Being part of the competition is a team effort and attendance is very important to the other dancers. We understand dancers are dealing with busy schedules, other activities, and school demands; being a well‐rounded individual is important to us, however, when it comes to participation on a competitive team, skills are constantly being taught….students MUST be present!

Parent and Student Agreement

We understand that being a part of this team is a privilege, it is not a right. Please keep in mind that the studio director has the final say in any and all matters regarding The Dance Company.

 • We will be committed to the All American’s Dance Program and will always put forth our best effort to meet the demands, requirements and goals of All American Dance Academy. Should I choose to leave the team mid-season, I am responsible for all entry fees that the All American Dance Program has paid on my behalf and all costumes and accessories purchased for Dance Team routines. 

• It is my responsibility as a parent/dancer to be sure that I check my email, The Dance Program’s page online, and the main lobby bulletin board regularly to be sure that I am fully aware of fees due, extra rehearsals, items needed, competition schedules, etc. By accepting a spot in the Company I am agreeing to take on all the responsibilities that come along with it.

 • All American Dance Academy Team members are expected to set a positive example in class and while on studio grounds. Dancers are also expected to act appropriately and respectfully ANYTIME they are wearing All American apparel, regardless of whether it is at a dance event or not. They are representing the studio. 

• Members of All American Dance Team will not post anything inappropriate, provocative or demeaning online or on any social media.  Dance Company members must maintain excellent grades as determined by their parents. The Dance Corner will also operate on a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in regards to bullying and/or non-prescribed substance use. 

• All choreography is the sole property of All American Dance Academy. Dance team members and/or former members may not perform routines outside of the studio without express written permission of the director. 

. • Dance Team members must behave appropriately and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Inappropriate behavior may result in removal from the company. Dance team members, their friends, and relatives are never to degrade or put down any other dancer’s ability, performance, appearance or personality. Talking about others is not appropriate and will not be tolerated. Accomplishment and achievement can never come at the expense of another person. 

• Dance Team members are required to follow all rules and regulations set forth by All American Dance Academy. Failure to comply with these handbook guidelines will result in a warning, penalties or dismissal from The Dance Team. The Director of Dance, Mr. Blake has the final say in ALL Dance team and studio matters. 
If you ever have any further comments, questions, or possible concerns please feel free to email: or call the studio at 413-596-0089 and ask for Blake.

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