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Dryland Hockey Training

Dryland Hockey (Off-ice) Program is designed to develop stick handling skills, endurance and hand to eye coordination for ice hockey players. This training is perfect for both beginners and experienced players.

Beginners will learn basic stick handing skills through coaching and a series of drills designed will improve their on-ice performance. Beginners will progress to the Intermediate and Advanced Programs as they master their skills.

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Hockey Boot Camp

This class is for serious players looking a complete Summer Dryland Hockey Training Program. The program is segmented into three essential segments for ice hockey players which include (1) stick handling, passing and shooting, (2) strength and conditioning, and (3) developing mental toughness.

Our staff of hockey coaches have experience coaching in the NHL. AHL, NCAA, EHL and High School. Our personal trainers are trained to work with athletes and have focused exercised specific to hockey.

This program will run Tuesday mornings at 9am starting on June 28th. Please email for if you are interested, pricing and for more information.

The program will run for 6 weeks. Space is limited, so please don’t wait.

Beginner Classes

These classes are for new players or those who have never played or new to the game. Great for learning basic stick handling, passing and shooting fundamentals while off ice. Also perfect for players who want to improve skills. We can help improve your performance with targeted skills and drills. Our synthetic ice is perfect for this. Tuition covers 8 weeks of classes.

Intermediate Classes

These classes are designed for players with on-ice experience that are looking for additional off-ice training to improve their on-ice game. Coaches will assess players and help in areas that need improvement using targeted skills and drills that help challenge them and elevate their game. Tuition covers 8 weeks of classes. Summer classes are 6 weeks.

Stick Time

Want to come and practice your skills or just shoot on net? Want to practice on skates? No problem. We have training tools such as dangle bars, shooter tutors and puck passers available to use. No class commitment required.

Wednesday Nights from 8:30 – 9:30PM

Cost for this is $20 at the door or sign up for a block session below.


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