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Safety Rules at All American

For the Safety of all Children…

Parents please come in to the building to pick up and drop off your child! NO PARKING in the fire lane in front of the building, keep clear for emergency vehicles.

  • Enter and Check in
  • Put clothes and shoes by “out” door
  • Check lost and found often
  • Check information board frequently
  • Have a smile, if you don’t have one we will give you one of ours
  • Bathroom and drinks: Ask coach before or after class
  • Proper attire: hair pulled back out of face
  • No jewelry
  • No gum chewing
  • Keep hands to yourself
  • No going onto pieces of equipment without a coach
  • No exiting gym without letting a coach know
  • Number One Rule: To always have fun and be positive!

COVID – 19 Safety

When it comes to COVID – 19, we at All American Gymnastic & Dance Academy are doing what we need to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.

UPDATE: In compliance with Governor Baker’s new mask mandate, at this time masks and face coverings are to be worn AT ALL TIMES within the building even while maintaining distance, this includes our students and athletes while participating in class.


AAGDA’s COVID -19 Safety Steps

Step 1: Enter the building with your masks or face coverings up and above your mouth and nose, masks or face coverings must be worn while inside the building AT ALL TIMES.

Step 2: Before entering into the main area, all who plan to enter the building must first sign our “COVID -19 Wellness Check” that can be found on the check in table in the vestibule. Listed at the sign in sheet you will see a list of COVID – 19 symptoms, if you and/or your child are not experiencing any of the symptoms you must sign off on it in your sign in sheet. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed we ask that you please not enter the building and schedule an appointment to receive a COVID – 19 test or self quarantine for 2 weeks.

Step 3: After signing the “COVID – 19 Wellness Check” please make sure you and your child/children hand sanitize using our dispenser in the vestibule, after that you may enter the building and head towards the gym or dance studios for your class. Please remain mindful of your distances to other families while entering the building and sitting in the waiting area.

Step 4: When ready to leave please follow all signage and arrows on the floor to the designated exit that is located to the side of the building in the gym. We must have all guests enter and exit through separate doorways.

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