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All American Taekwondo Mission Statement

We here at All American Taekwondo welcome you to our site. Here at AAT, we have a traditional taekwondo background with a 21st-century modern twist on it. We use that strong foundation and incorporate it into sport karate for those who wish to compete. Our program will provide an excellent outlet as well as a great way to stay in shape. We will eventually be forming a competition team that would compete on multiple circuits around the New England area as well as ones around the country. We hope you come and join our family

6 tenets of TKD






Indomitable spirit

Taekwondo Classes

Little Kickers (Ages 3 to 5) – Tuesday 4pm – 4:45pm or Saturdays 9am – 9:45am

Kids (Beginner Ages 6 to 12) Tuesday 5pm – 6pm or Saturdays 10am – 11am

Kids (Intermediate Rank Ages 6 to 12) Saturdays 11:30am – 12:30pm


We are now offering Tuesday evening classes! Please create an account on customer portal to view and register for all classes.



1. All students should bear in mind the Rules and Regulations. The breaking of any rule or regulation by a
student is cause for disciplinary action.
2. Respect your Instructor. When a student meets the Instructors, he/she should respect them and address them
by their appropriate title (i.e. Sensei, which means teacher in Japanese. One should bear in mind that the
relationship between the Instructor and a student is one in which the student is grateful for the Art he/she
has acquired and for the patience that the Instructor has shown him/her.
3. The Dojo (Training Hall) is the place where you will be learning and training in your new Art; but more
importantly; it is the place where you will be learning about yourself, and for this reason, you will pay it
respect. Here are the Dojo rules:
a. Courtesy bow when entering and leaving the Dojo.
b. Take your shoes, socks, and any jewelry off.
c. There is no foul language, eating or disrespect of any kind within the premises.
d. Leave any bad or negative attitudes outside; we are all family here and it is expected that
everyone act as such.
4. If you are going to miss more than a week of classes, please call.
5. Once the class has started, you must ask permission to leave the floor if you would like to use the bathroom
or get a drink.
6. Your belt should never touch the floor unless when it is being worn. Your Belt should never be worn
outside of the dojo unless attending a competition or training event.
7. Play fighting, disrespect or fooling around of any kind is strictly forbidden. This Dojo is a place for serious
study. Fooling around endangers the welfare of others. Offenders will be expelled from the Dojo.
8. Students should never find themselves in the position of trying to demonstrate the effectiveness of their
skill on a friend. Playing around like this is dangerous.
9. Students must be respectful of rank. Remember, once you get promoted, you will expect the same respect.
10. Full safety equipment is required for all students while sparring – headgear, hand & foot protection, shin
guards, mouthpiece, and groin protectors for male students.
12. Although there seem to be many forms of etiquette to remember, they will come naturally as you continue
to train. Please do not resent it if you are corrected, it is for your safety and learning experience.

Belt Requirements

This is the minimum number of classes needed to ensure that you learn the belt specific curriculum and to be able to progress in your rank (this is not set even after certain amount of classes, child may be promoted earlier or later at the discretion of the instructors).

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